Artistes have no shelf life: ‘Bulleya’ hitmaker

‘Bulleya’ fame singer Amit Mishra said music is a celebration of lifetime and so, he doesn’t believe in artistes having a shelf life. Asked about his thoughts on an artiste’s shelf life, he said in a statement, “A lot of artistes have proved that there is no such thing as a shelf life for an artiste. If I work with the same patience, enthusiasm and discipline towards my work, I am sure I will sustain till the end of my life.”

“For instance, Suresh Wadkar. We still listen to his music, we still go to his concerts. This is something common in Hindi and English music, where we indulge and appreciate music delivered by artistes who have been singing long before us. Music is a celebration of lifetime and hence, I believe artistes have no shelf life.”


Mishra is also in favour of recreation of old songs. He said, “I believe that with recreations, a song can never end. Music has the power of igniting an emotion in us and whoever is recreating it is giving a new life to the same song.”


“The sound now has developed with time and so have the gadgets we use for production of songs. It does become a commercial model, but however at the end, it is all about enjoying music and is recognition for the artist who originally sang the song.”

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